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David Romero


David graduated from Idea Edinburg and has a passion for music. He started working with Vector/Cutco in Feb 2018 and currently over $150,000+ in personal Cutco sales. David led the team as an Assistant Manager in the McAllen office before he was officially promoted to the District Manager of Laredo, Texas. David is one of the hardest workers in the organization and strives for excellence as he oversee's the Laredo market for the STX Division. David has led the Laredo Market to be the #1 Market in Cutco Sales for the summer sales campaign of 2019 out of ALL the new offices in Cutco Cutlery.


Andre Lee

Andre Lee graduated from Lamar Academy in 2015 and started working with us that same year in October. Andre sold OVER $30,000 in his first few months in 2015, and he did it without a car! In 2016, he dove full force into the business, and was able to purchase his first car on his own. Currently Andre has $300,000+ in personal sales! In one year Andre SAVED $22,000 before opening his own Vector office. Andre is excited to build the Team No Sleep brand, and eventually open many businesses in the future alongside his Vector business. Andre is currently one of the Division Office Managers for the whole STX Division.


Brittany Gernentz

Brittany Gernentz started working with us as a sophomore attending UTRGV back in October 2015, and has personally sold $100,000+ worth of Cutco! Since starting with us she decided not to take out any student loans, and was able to pay off multiple student loans by working with Cutco/Vector. She is currently helping oversee and operate the McAllen office in the STX Division.


Casey Gatton

Introducing the one and only Casey Gatton!!! Casey started with Vector while attending Weslaco High School and sold $21,000 on her first 10 days on the job! Casey is now celebrating 5+ years with the company and has personally sold $260,000.  She ran her own office, and since 2015 runs the McAllen office overseeing over 10 Million+ in sales. She is determined not to compete, but to dominate the business. A Leader to us all, Casey first hand has developed many of the success stories you see here. 

Without Casey, none of this would be possible.


Rene Tercero

Rene Tercero! Rene is over $300,000+ in career sales and is currently a full time sales professional with Cutco/Vector. The great thing about Rene is that he is willing to learn from everyone. He is a humble and hungry individual eager to achieve success. Rene is friendly and always willing to give value to others. 


Emmanuel Martinez

Emmanuel Martinez is part of TNS Cutco Sales Professionals team! Manny worked with us while attending college, on his final year of college working with us made the decision to stay full-time upon graduation. He started as a full-time student and even ran his own branch office with the company as a college student. Currently over $450,000+ and 4+ years in Cutco. Manny works to give the best life possible for his wife and kids. He has purchased his first home, and has many accolades due to working with Vector to brag on, but most importantly Manny is an incredible father, husband, and mentor to others. 


Orland Gonzalez


Orland Gonzalez is celebrating his second full year of working here! Orly had his first 10k push with us in his first year (2017) and plans helping many others do the same. Orly has personally sold $180,000+ worth of Cutco and is always looking to learn more from experienced team members. We are proud to say Orly Gonzalez oversaw the

South Texas Del Rio Branch Office which did six figures in summer sales of 2019. Orly is a veteran sales leader in the MIT Class of 2020.


Marilyn Cooley

Marilyn is a full time Cutco Sales Professional and one of the key leaders in South Texas Trade Show team. She takes pride in helping her clients make the best purchase for their needs. She is a leader and mentor to many in South Texas and well over $100,000+ in Cutco Sales. As a team we are very blessed for Marilyn's leadership and commitment to growth.


Presey Martinez

Presey Martinez a million dollar man! Literally! Presey is over $1,300,000+ In Cutco sales and one of the key leaders in the South Texas Cutco Sales team. He is a passionate, driven, and well versed leader on the team. Being a mentor to many our team is blessed and very excited for all the great things Presey does in South Texas


Juan Zuniga

Juanito Zuniga is a full time student at UTRGV and would like to pursue Cyber Security for Major with a Minor in Business. What Juan likes about Vector is the real life experience he has gained here as well as the personal development he has gained. Juan is well over $100,000+ in sales. Juan is a veteran sales leader in the MIT Class of 2020. 


Lucio January

Lucio January came into the business as an experienced car salesman, and switched his career path to become a District Manager with Cutco/Vector. He is currently at $500,000+ in Cutco sales! Lucio is a professional, and a great example of an individual who will do whatever it takes, which is why people want to work with him. Lucio currently oversee's the mid-valley area of South Texas and a pillar District Manager with South Texas.


Noe Cortez

Noe Cortez has personally sold $120,000+ worth of Cutco! He shows true commitment to his word and has the work ethic of a champion. Noe is a Sharyland High School graduate and currently attends Texas A&M.  Noe was honored to win the All-American Scholarship, and oversaw and operated the summer Branch Office in Alice, Texas for the STX Division. Noe is a veteran sales leader in the MIT Class of 2020. 


Eric Ledesma

Eric Ledesma started in July and worked his way up quickly into the Management field. He graduated from Juarez-Lincoln High School this year and has enjoyed sharpening his business skills with our team. Eric shows true dedication to his word and is always working to be better than yesterday.  Eric oversaw the summer Branch Office of Eagle Pass, TX for the STX Division. Eric is a veteran sales leader in the MIT Class of 2020. 


Juan Herrera

Juan Herrera oversaw the district office of Brownsville, Texas for 2 years. Juan has surpassed $500,000+ in career sales. Starting as a representative in 2013, Juan continuously inspires to create success stories and help others in the company. Juan is a veteran sales leader in the MIT Class of 2020. 



Can you imagine yourself becoming the next success story? We can! We know our proven system will allow anyone willing to work hard and who is coach-able/teachable to have success. You never know until you truly commit yourself! Contact your manager today and learn how you can get your photo and story featured on our team site!

Nick Smith

Nick Smith started Team No Sleep with a handful of leaders in September 2013. 


From January 2014 - 2019 the team worked hard to EARN their own Division and create a name for the South Texas area.


In this quick Episode of No Sleep Life get to know Nick a little better as we follow him around for a Typical Thursday.